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Kim And Kat here, founders of Million Dollar Sisterhood and creators of the Profit Sisters Club. We dreamed up the Club one night while cooking s’mores around a crackling fire in the summer of 2018. We connected deeply while each sharing the challenges of being all the roles, you know the ones…mom, wife, sister, daughter, and most important entrepreneur.

In the flickering light of that crackling fire we each knew we had found our purpose. Together we are meant to support, empower and inspire other women. We knew immediately we had to create a community that brings together ambitious, motivated women who are ready to be seen and create positive change in our world!

We get it! We know how overwhelming, hard and lonely this up and down entrepreneurial journey can be and that’s why we create the Profit Sisters Club – the place where entrepreneurial women, just like you, are supported to create and grow a business that aligns with their purpose. We will support you and cheer you on plus share our knowledge so that you can create the profits you need to create the life your dreaming of having!

Perhaps you’ve tried few things to grow your business already and some of them even got you clients but, most days, it still feels like you’re under the water trying to gasp for air. There is just so much info… You aren’t sure what the next step is and feel unsure if you’re even moving in the right direction…

We will help you gain clarity and know exactly what to do next so you can focus on making the impact in the world you know you’re meant to make and make good money doing it!

No more struggling, doubting and feeling isolated! Come join us and let’s create positive ripples in the world together.


  • You have clarity on what comes next
  • You a step by step plan to creating a strong foundation for your business
  • You get consistent clients. We’ll provide the resources you need.
  • Your confidence has skyrocketed
  • You are ready to take action. From Q&A calls to coaching to accountability – you will have a tribe to do this with!
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Monthly Mastermind

Instant access to a library of expert step by step training on growing your business that grows every single month.

Monthly Masterclasses

Instant access to a library of expert step by step training on growing your business that grows every single month.

Monthly Q&A

Get your questions answered by our guest expert! Our guest experts will come on a live call to make sure you see how to apply their training in your business.

Get sh*t done!

We have a weekly productivity system in place to keep you on track and goals on target.

You goal digger!

We gonna make a plan and have clear next steps every month. The best part – you don’t have to do this alone.

Accountability Partner Matching

Need a biz bestie? We got you! Let us worry about finding the right boss lady for you.


Here are some of the Masterclasses that you get instant access to when you join the Profit Sisters Club.


We are a global online community supporting entrepreneurial women in a vast variety of industries. You can join us from anywhere in the world no matter what stage of business you’re at.

And more……
What we teach is relevant for all types of businesses and can be applied at any stage.

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We are so excited for you to join our tribe. The doors will be closing in...

Join before we close the doors

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Is there a minimum time you have to commit to the Profit Sisters Club?

There is no monthly commitment, you are able to cancel at any time.

I am new to business, will this help me?

Absolutely, this caters to all levels. Our clients include people who have just started their business journey as well as women who are past the start up mode.

How much time will I need to invest?

Like anything, the more you put into this, the more you will get for it. The trainings are all loaded into the Vault so you can work through as quickly or as slow as you need to.

What about if I refer my friends to the Profit Sisters Club?

As a #profitsister, we do offer a Profit Agent referral program. You can introduce new members to the group when the doors are opened and we pay you $37 once she stays for over 30 days.